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Tailored rewards keep employees motivated

Each employee has different needs and desires, which can make it difficult to choose the right rewards to keep everyone motivated.

There are a number of ways to keep employees actively engaged and motivated. Some companies offer flexible hours or allow personnel to work from home, but a more effective means of building enthusiasm in the office is to use tailored rewards.

Each employee has different needs and desires, which can make it difficult to choose the right rewards to keep everyone motivated. A better solution is to allow staff members to select their own rewards, as this means they will be working toward things that they truly desire, boosting motivation for everyone involved in the project. Employee rewards programs can be designed to include a variety of rewards for workers to choose from.

Customizable programs
Asking employees about their gift preferences could result in a number of different answers. Some may desire tablet devices, while others might need new computers for their homes. This has the potential to lead to challenges that could be overcome by building a catalog of potential rewards. A number of items ranging from handbags to golf clubs can be made available, but the company won't have to purchase anything until employees have earned the rewards. This system keeps costs down and workers motivated as they strive toward their selected items.

Companies can work with incentive and recognition solutions firms like Xceleration to create their tailored reward programs. These firms can provide secure web programs to manage staff access and track performance, customizing the system to clients' needs, infrastructure and employee incentive programs. Businesses can focus on acknowledging worker performance as the technical aspects of running the incentive programs are handled by Xceleration.

Acknowledging success quickly
The best recognition programs require managers to acknowledge exceptional performance quickly, as this creates a clear connection to the behavior that is being acknowledged. With Xceleration hosting their customized programs, companies can assign points for each accomplishment that can be used toward the purchase of the merchandise. This allows companies to quickly reward their staff, while employees get to take their time selecting rewards.

By allowing workers to choose the items they want, companies are creating additional pride in the reward. Employees get something they will be sure to use, reminding them of their services to the organization, which builds a longer-lasting impact than cash rewards or time off. The continual reminders of personalized rewards will also serve as additional motivation for any future initiatives.

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