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Firms failing to fully engage their workers

A survey of HR departments found that only 19 percent claimed their employee engagement efforts were excellent.

Despite recognizing the importance of engaged employees, many HR professionals do not consider their firms to be particularly good at boosting worker engagement levels. A survey of HR departments by the consulting firm Temkin Group found that only 19 percent claimed their employee engagement efforts were excellent.

Firms that are unable to provide the best possible environments for their employees can hold back performance and limit staff willingness to undertake new challenges. This makes it difficult for businesses to initiate organizational change with the goal of improving production or the customer's experience.

"To the extent that you think of human resources as the gatekeeper of the people in your company, it's really hard to embrace the cultural change around customer experience and have human resources standing on the sidelines," Bruce Temkin, managing partner of the Temkin Group, told TechTarget.

Companies can improve their employee engagement by creating employee incentive programs. By taking the time to recognize exceptional performance, businesses can increase motivation and build the cohesive team culture needed to fully engage workers. These programs can also be used to fully communicate company values and objectives, allowing employees to understand their importance, which is a key component of an engaged staff.

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