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Acknowledging workers who exceed expectations

Companies should recognize staff member who go beyond their role to solve a problem.

There are times that some staff members will be required to go beyond their job descriptions to get things done. Hurricane Sandy has tested communities and businesses along the East Coast, forcing many companies to initiate contingency plans. However, these preparations often need to be adjusted or improved because of unforeseen circumstances.

During these rough periods, there are often employees who step up and exceed expectations to keep businesses operating. Organizations can encourage this type of behavior by properly recognizing the commitment of workers. Employee rewards can provide the feedback and acknowledgement that staff members need to feel valued while sending a message about the importance of contributing to continued company success.

A good employee recognition program will take the time to reward workers for their hard work and dedication on a regular basis. There are often cases where a staff member has gone beyond his or her role to provide a valued service to a customer, fix a problem with production or more. By acknowledging this commitment, companies can help employees feel appreciated and engaged, creating a culture able to meet high expectations of performance. The more engaged workers are, the more likely they will exceed expectations, overcoming challenges in ways that benefit their entire organizations. 

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