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The changing role of HR

HR departments becoming more strategic in nature as companies try to boost productivity.

The role of the human resource (HR) department is changing into a more strategic one. A recent survey by the Institute for Corporate Productivity found that two-thirds of businesses expect to centralize administrative processes in order to give HR leaders more time to boost corporate productivity.

"The future of HR is all about making the organization better," Jay Jamrog, senior vice president at the institute, told Workforce. "If you're going to go anywhere in HR and make an impact in HR, it's about how you helped the company make more money."

For many businesses, increasing productivity means giving front-line managers the tools they need to improve their teams. Employee recognition programs can help companies boost employee engagement, which  will likely lead to more innovation, higher productivity and less turnover. Businesses that take the time to acknowledge and reward good performance are likely to build supportive cultures that enable departments to achieve corporate goals.

HR Executive Online notes that firms can enjoy some of their biggest advantages by maximizing the value of front-line leaders. When managers have the ability to promote good work, they can lead their teams effectively, creating more overall value.

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