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Fixing the workspace may help solve employee motivation problems

Employee recognition goes far beyond verbal accolades or awards.

Employee recognition goes far beyond verbal accolades or awards. Companies need to take into account the physical environment staff members work in, as this can communicate their worth to the business as well as serve as a point of motivation.

The office environment is the place where most employees function everyday. It can shape their mood from the moment they enter it to the time they leave, so allowing basic maintenance to go unnoticed can simply communicate to workers that they're not valued, Rosabeth Kanter writes for Bloomberg.

While maintenance of the office requires investment from companies that they would rather spend elsewhere, neglecting the physical space can be tantamount to ignoring employees, according to Kanter.

"As the broken windows theory suggests, sprucing up the physical surroundings can encourage better behavior from everyone," writes Kanter. "When broken windows were fixed in New York City, other aspects of the bricks and mortar were better maintained, and crime rates declined (though there might have been multiple causes)."

Firms can ask staff members to help out as well by soliciting their advice on what improvements should be made first to show their interests matter.

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