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Wellness programs spike among companies

One of the most popular employee incentive programs among companies are those that boost staff members' mental and physical wellness, according to research from the Society for Human Resources Management.

Employee incentive programs that boost staff members' mental and physical wellness are becoming increasingly popular among companies, according to research from the Society for Human Resources Management.

The study found that 35 percent of employers currently offer workers rewards and bonuses for completing health and wellness programs – an increase of 12 percent from four years ago.

One Fort Worth-based company has taken these initiatives to its employee center and cafeteria. Bell Helicopter's headquarters is implementing new healthy recipes at its Fusion and Salad Bars to support its goals, CDFW-TV reports.

"We realized a few years ago that people bring their whole selves to work," Suzanne Purdum, Bell's director of total rewards and talent acquisition, told the news station. "We need to concentrate on not only providing health benefits, like medical and dental, but looking at a person holistically."

Companies can use a variety of programs to encourage wellness in their workforces, such as corporate sports teams or working groups, as well as opportunities for workers to claim merchandise of their choice as rewards for good performance.

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