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Boost employee self-esteem to improve performance

Employee incentive programs can seem complex to many firms.

Employee incentive programs can seem complex to many firms. However, there are a number of simple methods businesses can use to boost productivity.

Experts explain that while every staff member is different, all workers perform better when they feel good about themselves. As a result, it can be an effective tactic for companies to create employee rewards that boost self-esteem.

This may not be as difficult as it sounds. Simply talking with workers can help managers determine the best ways to use employee recognition strategies. While some staff members would prefer a simple word of praise in private, others like to be lauded in public.

"Every job has some latitude – make sure you fully exploit that latitude so your employees can feel better about themselves, both as an employee and as a person," writer Jeff Haden explains for Inc. magazine. "They'll naturally be more productive – and happier. The two always go hand in hand."

Companies can go further and use tangible rewards such as merchandise to show workers their appreciation.

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