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Keeping staff motivated

Unmotivated staff members spend 30 percent of their workdays relaxing, which lowers the overall production of the business.

It can be difficult for managers to keep their staff focused and motivated. This is especially true when a department is short-handed or dealing with a prolonged period of stress. The daily demands can wear on staff, impacting their mental and physical health, and this can commonly lead to lower motivation in the workplace.

Call Centre Focus reports that unmotivated staff members spend 30 percent of their workdays relaxing. This encompasses everything from surfing the internet to talking to co-workers, which lowers the overall production of the office. Businesses need to energize these employees if they hope to turn their performance around. Lifehacker.com notes that emotions are a key factor in the decision-making process. Creating a sense of pride and accomplishment can deliver the excitement needed to properly motivate staff.

Employee recognition programs can help companies keep employees motivated. Acknowledging improvements in performance or exceptional work shows workers that the roles they play are valued. Staff members who know their jobs are important to the success of their companies are more likely to have a sense of purpose, be engaged by assignments and strive for improvements.

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