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Reducing turnover with wellness programs

Employee wellness programs can provide a number of benefits to companies including lowering staff turnover.

Employee wellness programs can provide a number of benefits to companies. In addition to saving insurance costs and reducing absences, they can also lower staff turnover.

Healthcare Finance News reports that wellness programs can boost employee engagement by showing that workers are valued by their employers. The initiatives can be particularly beneficial when combined with employee recognition programs.

"There's a huge cost to employers when there's turnover of any kind," Susan Moriconi, vice president of human resources at Omnicell, told the source. "But when an organization is invested in and committed to the health of their employees … those people will want to remain with their employer and make a career."

Creating incentive programs to encourage workers to join a gym, quit smoking, undergo medical screenings and achieve other health-related goals is a simple and effective way to boost employee participation. Companies need to ensure that they develop comprehensive plans for their wellness programs to avoid confusion that could limit participation.

A simple way to lift engagement levels at firms, according to the source, is to reward employees for participating in stress-busting challenges that can lower anxiety levels among workers, leading to a more productive environment.

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