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Employees staying put, but are not satisfied

A third of employees are not satisfied with their jobs.

Retaining top performers is a challenge for any company, but a new survey from Deloitte shows that more workers are planning on staying with their current employers over the next year.

HR Magazine reports that four out of five workers are not planning on switching companies anytime soon. This may seem like good news for firms struggling to keep workers, but 33 percent of respondents stated they were not satisfied with their jobs. Companies can use incentive programs to lift worker satisfaction and productivity while lowering turnover.

Companies that provide regular feedback on performance often see more confident and satisfied employees. Incentive programs can give the opportunities to communicate expectations and measure satisfaction. They can also help to build a supportive environment that lends to more engaged workers.

The Huffington Post states that setting social goals can help build the right culture for lifting employee morale. These objectives allow workers to collaborate more, sharing goals and feedback on performance while working in a more holistic way. Employees who have the support of their coworkers are more likely to be engaged in and satisfied with their positions.

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