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Incentive programs helping call centers improve customer service

The use of Twitter and social media channels is creating new challenges for call centers.

Technology is altering the way call centers provide customer service. The use of Twitter and social media channels is creating new challenges for companies when it comes to maintaining their relationships with consumers.

Wired magazine recently reported that Twitter is becoming a common solution for companies that need to provide fast responses to customer complaints, questions and comments. To accommodate this shift, customer service centers are requiring staff to be efficient in their use of additional communication channels. The additional requirements can be difficult for some employees to manage, but call center incentives can provide motivation and facilitate training.

Even with the new technology it is the customer experience that is the focus of any incentive program, so companies need solutions to constantly improve customer interactions. Programs that provide points toward merchandise can create an environment in which workers are continually striving to provide high-quality service. Each outstanding performance can be recognized by managers to help the staff earn points toward a new television, handbag, computer and more.

Giving the workers a range of options to choose from will help to encourage their participation. The prizes will keep staff focused on improving the customer's experience through a variety of channels, including email and Twitter.

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