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Encouraging employee well-being through rewards

Incentive programs allow companies to build cultures that promote healthy lifestyles.

All businesses need to be mindful of the well-being of their employees. For many organizations, staff members are the most important factor to continued success, so a general trend is to encourage health and safety initiatives with employee rewards.

These initiatives are allowing businesses to build company cultures that promote healthy lifestyles. Rising health insurance costs have increased the importance of exercise, eating right and regular checkups. For this reason, organizations are working hard to encourage employee fitness. By rewarding workers for joining gyms, quitting smoking or having routine medical tests done, companies are helping to build environments that can potentially save them millions in insurance costs.

The rewards of these incentive programs help to send strong signals to staff about the importance of well-being. It allows companies and employees to create easy and manageable goals that can provide the motivation needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This cultural change also allows organizations to create supportive environments for workers.

In addition to requiring fewer sick days, employees in health conscious and supportive environments are more likely to be energized and have higher morale. Providing employee rewards can changes company cultures to ones that focuses on employee well-being.

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