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Creating personal rewards with points

A point based incentive program allows workers to select the reward that has the most value to them.

Building an effective employee incentive program requires a lot of thought about the goals set forth for workers. These goals can serve to motivate staff by encouraging them to reach for bigger rewards with each successful sale. 

Sales and Marketing Management notes that quotas can also be key indicators of performance. For this reason, firms need a simple but effective way to track them. Working with a full-service incentive company like Xceleration can provide organizations with the technology they need to accurately track employee performance.

Xceleration can help businesses create customizable portals to run their sales incentive programs. This gives companies the ability to reward points based on performances that employees can put toward the purchase of merchandise. The point system automatically creates consistency for programs to maintain excitement among staff, while allowing them to earn the items that appeal to their personal needs.

This personalization can keep employees driven. By rewarding points based on achieving specific goals, it allows workers to select the item that has the most value to them. It also allows the companies to scale benchmarks based on employee development or department size without removing strong motivating factors for staff. 

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