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Communication is key to lifting company morale

Failure to communicate is the number one cause of poor morale.

Keeping employee morale high during tough economic periods can be difficult. Staff members are often asked to complete a wide range of projects with fewer resources, which can create stress and feelings of dread about work.

To help increase office morale, companies need to ensure that all lines of communication are open so employees can get support and remain properly engaged. Failure to communicate is the number one cause of poor morale, according to Small Business Trends. Clear objectives and honest discussion can help keep staff focused and engaged.

Employee rewards programs can also help to keep workers engaged. Regular acknowledgements of strong performances and staff development can keep communication lines open. Director of Marketing for FreeCause Tom Guenette writes for Boston.com that praise and recognition are essential to increasing engagement and performance.

Creating ways to highlight team members' accomplishments can build educated and cooperative cultures that allow companies to maximize the potential of each employee. When staff members understand their roles within organizations, they are more likely to feel confident about and pride in their work. This allows them to pursue new solutions and overcome challenges in ways that can lift morale for the entire office.

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