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Relationships with leaders can impact staff development

The more comfortable workers were with their immediate supervisors, the higher they rated their work experiences.

Strong work relationships can make it easy for employees to succeed in a specific position. Clear guidance and support allows workers to develop their knowledge and skills while understanding their roles.

Research by Blessing White suggests that the level of interaction between managers and staff can have a large impact on employee engagement. The survey found that the more comfortable workers were in bringing ideas, solutions or potential problems to their immediate supervisors, the higher they rated their work experiences. Approximately 87 percent of engaged employees reported having positive relationships with their managers.

Leaders can increase their presence and reputation among staff by effectively using employee recognition programs. These provide a channel for supervisors to interact with their workers. Giving positive feedback can help increase the sense of pride among employees, which can lead to more engagement and higher productivity.

These initiatives could also help to encourage workers to bring new ideas or talk about difficulties to their supervisors. Linking rewards to training or advancement can help companies maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce.

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