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Positive emotions enhance customer service

A study suggested that pleasant interactions could lead to higher sales.

Companies that are looking to improve sales or customer service tactics may want to take a critical look at the emotional health of its employees.

An international study by researchers at the University of Western Australian and Carlton University in Canada, found that positive emotions are contagious. This study could help companies improve customer service quality by using employee recognition programs to increase staff morale and happiness.

The study discovered that happy workers were more likely to be empowered to solve customers' problems, which lead to an overall positive experience for clients. It also suggested that pleasant interactions could lead to higher sales.

"The customer interaction may need to be recast in the context of a dynamic interplay between salespersons and customers, where the affective state of each may influence the other," the authors of the study stated.

Companies that implement sales incentive programs may be able to increase staff happiness. The study found that recognition for quality service enhanced employees' sense of pride. This could lead to more engaged workers that are willing to pursue solutions that satisfy customers and create better experiences.

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