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Engaging staff at all development levels

Employee production can vary as much as 30 percent based on the culture in a particular office.

Proper staff development can have a large impact on the continued success of a business. Not only do employees need to learn the skills needed for advancement, but managers need to effectively coach their teams to create a cohesive unit.

An article by Talent Management notes that it is important for team leaders to build a solid relationship with staff. This helps to increase communication and can lead to strong performance by building on the strengths of individuals. 

"Providing the environment where someone can acquire the skill and practice it with peers or with trusted others before they actually go and deploy it with the workforce is essential," Joan Dasher, vice president for BlessingWhite, told the source.

Research by Hay Group shows employee production can vary as much as 30 percent based on the culture in a particular office. Incentive programs can be used to create consistency across departments by providing clear objectives for teams. These tools are most effective when there is a clear link between performance and reward, making it important to track execution and acknowledge success.

The source also states that organizations that foster high levels of employee loyalty focus on non-monetary rewards. Training programs and growth opportunities can help staff develop the knowledge needed to expand their skills and performance, while trophy awards can energize the department. Merchandise rewards give workers a continual reminder of their accomplishments and allow the company to customize their incentive programs.

The morale boost provided by incentive programs allows team leaders to build the connections needed to properly encourage and develop their staff. Incentive programs let companies create a climate in which employees are engaged and energized at every level.

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