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Helping to reduce stress by showing appreciation

Employee recognition programs are an effective way to boost office morale without a lot of expense.

The economy has made slight improvements over the last year, but many workers still worry about losing their job or benefits.

A recent Gallup poll shows that the loss of benefits was the top concern among employees. Forty percent of those surveyed worried more about losing health insurance than being laid off or having their salary reduced, which both garnered 28 percent.

"U.S. workers feel their benefits are most at risk, which may be the first place employers seek to cut back during difficult economic times," the report stated. "And workers may be willing to accept such cuts over more severe measures like pay cuts or layoffs."

While respondents showed less concern than they did last year, the uncertainty and stress of the economy can still weigh heavily on staff. Employee recognition programs are an effective way to boost office morale without a lot of expense.

Recognition programs can create a lot of value for businesses by creating happy and productive employees. These management tools can keep staff from worrying about uncertain futures, and taking the time to show appreciation to staff members can lead to a more cooperative and relaxed atmosphere that can fuel innovation.

These programs are easy to establish as providers like Xceleration can host the tools required to effectively manage the system. Each award initiative can be customized to fit the needs of the organization. It can be small and simple, or offer a wide variety of options, allowing the business to build a recognition plan that fits within its culture.

The customization also lets the operation to be scaled to fit the company's budget, allowing the firm to continue to create value for their workers even, during tough times. Employee recognition programs can be an important management tool to boost morale throughout the organization.

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