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Building a responsive, empowered sales staff

One of the keys to creating a flexible, responsive environment is to listen to employees.

Satisfied employees can help a company improve its reputation for quality service. A new report titled "Turn on a Dime and Get it Right Every Time" by researchers from the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University, highlighted the value of proper sales incentive programs to create a quick and responsive workforce. The study looked at a large hospital in New York City in which incentives were used to empower the sales team.

"We are working in a high-stress, rapidly changing environment, where the need for quick decisions are the norm," the paper states. "Sales teams need to be prepared to turn on a dime, and get it right every time, much as hospital staff is often in situations where rapid-fire decisions are necessary and critical to a desired outcome."

One of the keys to creating a flexible, responsive environment is to listen to employees. Sales teams that are empowered to make decisions about services were more likely to provide innovative solutions for the company on a strategic level. Lines of communication need to be open for the culture to work effectively. Employees should also understand company objectives, as well as when it is appropriate to make decisions on their own.

The more empowered the sales team is the more satisfied they can be about their job, which could lead to better customer service. The study found a direct link between consumer care and worker satisfaction. Companies looking to increase the effectiveness of their sales staff should consider employee recognition programs as a way to boost morale.

When designing sales incentive programs, businesses should always consider the customer experience. Numbers and figures are important, but so is how the interaction is handled. The more positive a client's experience, the more likely it will lead to recommendations for the business.

Employees that are empowered to care about the customer will receive fewer complaints and need less direct oversight. This can enable managers to create effective policies that allow the sales staff to switch directions quickly in response to changing market conditions.

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