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Recognizing performance is in the details

With the right culture, companies can create value for employees by recognizing their contributions.

Sometimes, small details can make a big difference, especially when it comes to motivating staff. With the right culture, companies can create value for their employees by recognizing the contributions they make each day that help drive operations.

In an article for INC, Ilan Mochari notes that small details can create a company culture which keeps employees engaged and energized. Building this culture environment can be as simple as having weekly lunch meetings where employee recognition is used to provide encouragement to staff.

Eze Castle Software CEO Sean McLaughlin has used the daily office tasks to help build a centralized vision of teamwork within his company. Employees rotate the responsibilities of cleaning the kitchen, watering plants, ordering supplies and more, the source reported. These jobs serve to break up the workday, keeping staff motivated and focused.

Boosting employee morale can sometimes be as simple as a spontaneous celebration or as formal as an awards ceremony. Herb Kelleher, co founder of Southwest Airlines, states in an interview with INC that a lot of the celebrations at the airline happen spontaneously, but the firm also takes the time to acknowledge its employees once a year.

Award banquets provide opportunities for businesses to honor outstanding performance and hand out Years of Service awards in a public fashion. These ceremonies can help to energize the company's workers.

"If you're going to have that type of event, there has to be chemistry and excitement," Kelleher told the source. "It has to be an event that praises the goodness of the soul and brings out the idealism and the altruism in people."

Awards ceremonies are just one more detail that can help companies create an engaging and motivating culture by recognizing the achievements of employees.

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