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Building a top-tier call center

Call center incentive programs can help organizations improve the capabilities of their staff.

Businesses are using their call centers in a variety of ways. The modern contact center must now handle social media and web communications in addition to their duties of making sales calls. Call center incentive programs can help organizations improve the capabilities of their staff.

Invest in training
Companies commonly use their call centers for outside sales, using cold call tactics to increase lead generation. These types of activities are very difficult to do successfully and most people struggle at the start. Businesses that invest in proper sales training and rewards can boost the confidence of their sales staff to see greater returns.

Completing sales takes a great deal of confidence and knowledge of products and services. Agents must be able to quickly answer questions as well as address concerns while remaining positive and upbeat. Most people only learn how to accomplish this through training along with trial and error.

Keep incentives simple

Establishing achievable goals for new sales staff can also help them gain confidence. Recognizing early successes can help employees feel engaged in the process. Call center incentive programs should accurately reflect the level of experience for  agents so that there is continual improvement in their performance.

These sales incentives should be kept simple and clear. The better employees understand the program, the more likely they are to be motivated by it, states a report by Advisor Plus. Simple goals will keep staff engaged throughout the sales period as they see their numbers get closer to the target.

Encourage cooperation

Call center and sales activities take a lot of expertise to manage efficiently. Businesses can maximize their investment in staff training by creating an environment that encourages cooperation. Group goals can ensure the entire team is working hard to improve. Senior staff can even be rewarded for helping newer employees. The type of milestones and incentives set by the company can have a large impact on the culture of the contact center

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