Global Expertise

Our rewards programs adapt to keep up with the changing global business landscape.

Your company’s increasing need to be effective and productive in other countries and regions isn’t lost on us. Our experience in administering global rewards means your program will have the ability to efficiently serve a diverse audience. We take the headache out of incentivizing and rewarding on a global scale.

We speak your language

Borders are no obstacle for our rewards program. Xceleration operates in multiple countries, serving many languages and cultures without skipping a beat.

Professional translation services provide the ability to communicate with participants in their native language. In addition, our technology solution produces localized web and mobile applications so the user sees content in their native language.

Culturally-Appropriate Rewards

Rewards that are popular in one location may not be on the other side of the planet. In fact, they may not even be appropriate.

We are conscious of cultural relevance to make sure your reward offerings are desired no matter where the recipient may be.

Equity Across Borders

Our platform takes into consideration the value of a reward and corresponding point values to ensure equitable distribution based on buying power in a specific location.

Your Data Locked in the Vault

The technology behind our platform is flexible and powerful enough to manage the needs of an international audience, while keeping their data and personal information secure.