Technology Solutions for Enterprise

A rewards program is only as good as the technology behind it.

We introduced our proprietary Rewardstation® technology in 1999 and have been updating and improving it ever since. Nearly two decades later, Rewardstation® technology is the heartbeat of every Xceleration program- whether you're around the corner or halfway around the world.

Namaste, RewardStation®

You say "jump." We say "we already did."

RewardStation® is already flanked out with every module and widget you'll need to support your growing program. And as you add specialized components you'll find Rewardstation® standing at the ready, flexible enough to support your every need.


Relax with RewardStation®

Rest easy knowing that RewardStation comes with every protocol you've ever wanted and a few you've never even considered.

Don't be scared by involving IT in your project, we won't be! Technology assessments are part of doing business today whenever the transfer, security, and presentation of protected employee and performance data is involved.

Our systems, our infrastructure and our internal policies have been designed to meet the ongoing requirements of industry best practices and our clients, which include some of the largest global financial and healthcare institutions in the world.

To demonstrate and validate our commitment to providing an industry-leading structure for program data management, we perform annual system and process audits to comply with the AICPA guidelines for Service Organizations, aligned with the SOC II controls.