Employee Recognition

Rewarding Works.

Engaged employees are productive employees. Xceleration will work with you to create a company culture where people are motivated and inspired to do their best.

How it works

Boost morale, productivity, sales, compliance and retention with a customized employee rewards program from Xceleration. Here's how, and why, employee recognition works.

Participant performs qualifying task or behavior.

Participant is rewarded with points.

Participant is motivated to earn more points.

Participant spends points for rewards.

Participant works to re-build point balance.

Our employee incentive programs enable participants to earn points towards rewards for reaching milestones or performing certain behaviors—

anything from completing training to exhibiting company values. Our suite of employee recognition products makes designing an incentive program easy and our flexible Rewardstation® platform enables us to customize our rewards programs to fit your unique needs. Let us know your goals and we'll design employee recognition ideas to motivate your team.

Start at the Top

When people feel appreciated, it shows in their work. Your Xceleration employee recognition program makes it quick and easy for managers to recognize employees who exhibit company values or go the extra mile.


Share the Love

Managers aren't the only ones to recognize outstanding performance. With the right program, employees can support, appreciate, and encourage each other.


Reach for the Stars. And Keep Them.

One of the biggest benefits of an appropriately designed and executed employee recognition program is employee retention. Our unique reward catalog is carefully selected and stocked with the types of incentives that employees will strive for and keep for a lifetime.


Stay On Top

Introducing new products or security protocol? Want to reinforce or revamp your brand? Your Xceleration team can work with you to design an employee incentive program to reward participants for watching training videos and taking quizzes to make learning fun, entertaining, and effective.


Don't Forget The Basics

It only stands to reason: A safe workplace with healthy employees is going to be more productive. Ask your Xceleration team about designing a program to accomplish your unique goals.


Count On Xceleration

If you have a unique need, we can build a custom solution to address it. We love a challenge- almost as much as we love the results!