A positive employee experience is key to productivity, retention and revenue, and is likely your biggest challenge.

A quality engagement program keeps your team members invested and excited about their work.

Is Your Workforce Ready for What's Next?

The pace of today's business is constantly accelerating and your team can't afford to be left behind. New technology, organizational structures, and processes require your employees to be prepared for the next big thing before it arrives. An effective employee recognition program nurtures highly-functional, agile workplaces where people not only keep up with the pace of today's business, but thrive in the process.

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Create an Intentional Culture

95% of employees believe culture is more important than compensation, and a troubled environment is hard to hide.

Hanging inspirational posters on a bulletin board only goes so far. Real-time, consistent, public recognition of positive behaviors reinforce your company’s values and create the culture you want to establish.

This, in turn, creates a positive workplace environment where people are engaged in working towards the same common purpose.

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Create a High-Performance Workplace

94% of the world's top companies recognize "agility and collaboration" as critical to their success.

Your people need to move quickly between projects, sometimes back-and-forth multiple times in the same day. Highly-specialized teams are formed and disbanded based on need and these groups need to trust that all members are on the same page, moving in the same direction.

A peer-to-peer recognition program encourages cohesion and collaboration, enabling you to create agile teams and contributors who are motivated to take on just about anything.

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Keep the People You Have, Attract the Ones You Want

Voluntary turnover is 31% lower at organizations with highly effective recognition programs.

It’s not brain surgery, yet meaningful feedback and recognition are frequently afterthoughts – leaving behind frustrated employees who feel trapped, rather than nurtured and appreciated.

A consistent, simple and accessible recognition program is proven to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, retention and recruitment. 

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Rewarding Works!

Enhancing motivation, performance, engagement, and retention doesn't have to be complicated.

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Employee demonstrates desirable behaviors, or reaches a milestone.

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Employee is recognized and rewarded by manager or peer.

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The value of high performance is reinforced, and the employee becomes motivated to continue to elevate their level of achievement.

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Employee redeems accumulated points for meaningful rewards from your company’s curated catalog.

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Employee experience is enhanced, resulting in higher engagement, performance and retention. Cycle repeats.


Want to Know More?

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The Xceleration Way

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