Xceleration's customer loyalty solution works by combining our years of experience in the cycle of motivation with technology and global expertise.

We develop an easy to implement program your customers will get excited about - creating raving, loyal fans of your brand.

The Xceleration Advantage

Choosing the right company to partner with for your customer loyalty program is an important decision. We are privileged to be the provider of choice for our clients, developing world-class solutions for a global audience.

20 Years of customer loyalty experience

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Most client engagements span more than a decade

Millions of participants served

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Fulfillment in over 90 countries

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More than 500 individual travel rewards designed per year

Ease of Onboarding

Xceleration's loyalty solution includes our top-level client service to set up and guide you and your customers every step of the way. We tailor a retention program to address the unique needs of your company and your customers.

We won’t monopolize your IT department, either. We can accept your data feeds in their current format and manage the heavy lifting for you. When you sign on with us, we make onboarding and implementation a painless process.
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Tailored to Meet Your Goals

We recognize the specific issues you are facing in a fast-changing, highly competitive environment where your customers' choices number in the hundreds

We leverage customer insights and powerful features to stimulate your customer base and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Ongoing Project Development

Customer engagement experts work with you to ensure goals are met and the program is successful.

Customer Profiles

Segmented profiles target customers based on behaviors.

Social Media Engagement

Integrated social media strategy engages current customers and attracts new ones.

Curated Rewards

A selection of rewards that reflect your company's brand and unique consumer demographics.

Custom Travel

Our in-house travel department is dedicated to designing rewards and unique experiences for each participant.

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A Platform That Grows With You

Xceleration’s customer retention software grows and adapts as your business does, with a website and communications that employ your company branding.

We’ll work with you to engineer a loyalty platform that will increase the frequency of customer orders and average spend per order. You can choose the elements that best suit your customer base including annual birthday and anniversary rewards, per-transaction dispensation, gamification, welcome and survey incentives, notifications and much more.

Our mobile-responsive platform allows your customers to log into their accounts, monitor their status, redeem rewards and share their brand passion on social media wherever they may be.

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Global Platform Capabilities

From Miami to Mumbai, we have the expertise to reach your workforce.

Xceleration has been in the rewards business for two decades working with companies around the world, each with unique goals and needs, engaging literally millions of people in 90 countries.

We expertly juggle multiple currencies, international reward equality, fulfillment, tax laws and languages to help you and your customers achieve your desired results world-wide.

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Your Data Is Locked Up Tight

Xceleration protects both your business and your employees, taking extra steps to ensure your data is secure.

To keep pace with constantly-changing security measures, we undergo regular audits to earn SOC 2 and Safe Harbor compliance certifications. You’ll sleep well knowing the private information from your company and your customers will stay that way.

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All The Analytics You Need

Standard and custom reports help you and your company monitor the success of your retention program. Specific analytics and data are available on-demand 24/7, or in regularly emailed reports.

Mining transactional and non-transactional data produces robust profiles that are segmented to target customers based on relevant metrics. We then use predictive analytics to inform how, when and where customers can and should be reached.

The ability to track involvement and progress allows you to determine what features are working and where you could improve your customer reward and retention process.

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Additional Engagement Opportunities

Beyond the rewards program, we offer additional ways to keep your customers motivated and focused on your brand.

Our talented creative team works with you to build engaging content like videos, quizzes, badges and other social media sharables. These assets drive home your new concepts, products or programs, and your customers earn points for completing the associated behaviors, leading to higher engagement with your company.

Still Not Convinced?

Engagement is what we do. We’ve put decades of experience and knowledge into a resource center to share what we have learned about the science of customer engagement. Take some time to examine the insights, expertise, data and anecdotal evidence that support the effectiveness of customer retention.

Let's Get Started

Improving your customer loyalty and bottom line starts right here, right now. Let us help you reward the people most responsible for your success by developing a platform that works for your business.