How many times have you thought "I ought to send them a gift," but never got around to it?

With GRAVY, our exclusive gift-giving app, all it takes is a few clicks.

Skip the mall. Pour it on with GRAVY.

Your delightfully-chosen business gift can be gorgeously-wrapped and on its way in no time at all, even when you aren't sure about the physical mailing address. Here's how GRAVY works.

Select a gift


Select Send Method

Choose a Recipient

A Gift Only You Can Give

GRAVY is branded for you.

All communications, all packaging, all wrapping is unmistakably you. There's never a question: Clients, employees, and vendors are sure to recognize and remember your business.


Meaningful Gifts Mean More

GRAVY gifts are carefully curated from artisans and craftsmen around the world.

We offer unique items that recipients treasure and remember. Gift with Gravy and you will be remembered as well.


Truly One-Of-A-Kind

Looking for a special gift that isn’t in the GRAVY catalog?

Make our day by calling GRAVY concierge. We’ll track it down and deliver it up. And you’ll get all the glory.


Your Choice: Email, Ship Direct or Bulk Order

Ready to give the most fabulous, perfect gift in the history of business gifting? All we need is an email address.

Our automated redemption process will email your recipient to gather up all the details and get their GRAVY gift on its way. We'll even provide a way to drop a quick thank-you note back to you. Of course, we can also ship any gift directly to the recipient, if you already have the mailing address. In fact, we can bulk ship any number of GRAVY gifts. Just put us to work.

Visit us at to see our catalog or request more information.