Our Management

Years of experience at work for you

Meet our management team. We’re a diverse group of experienced individuals passionately guiding Xceleration towards innovations that create rewarding outcomes for clients.

Ben Levenbaum

President and CEO

More than our CEO, Ben is our leader, encouraging coach, and guiding force.

And with more than 20 years in the industry, and countless satisfied clients to his credit, who better? A native New Yorker, Ben oversees our growth with an eye on the industry and a focus on “what‘s next” as we deliver reward programs across North America and around the world.

Marisa Haehnlein


As a natural born competitor, Marisa makes things happen.

She brings focus and dedication to work, leading a team where, she says, “Everyone wants to be accountable, no one wants to sit quietly, and everyone succeeds when we continually strive to provide a high-level of service.”

Marisa believes there’s nothing better than the challenge of finding the right combination of technology, awards, and account services for clients. For her, a “win” is when we are viewed as a partner not a vendor, leading to the most successful programs for our clients.

Darryl Speach


Darryl is obsessed with employee engagement and customer experience.

He believes happy employees generate happy loyal customers - which often leads to very happy business results. He has spent years helping companies all over the world establish and maintain customer-centric cultures - where making decisions using the customer lens is common place and catching employees doing things right is the standard – which fits perfectly with his role here at Xceleration where he focuses on customer experience, culture crystallization and the science behind our tagline “Rewarding Works”.

Darryl brings an abundance of experience to his role at Xceleration, having previously taken on similar roles at New York Life Insurance, Greystone, and one of the happiest companies of all – The Walt Disney Company!

Jamie Bush


Jamie's always up for a challenge. As vice president of technical operations, he helped launch our biggest client program to-date- although he refuses to take the credit.

“The people who work here are all really passionate about what we do,” he says, “We’re all constantly striving to work at the highest level.” Outside the office, Jamie maintains that hectic pace, racing mountain bikes and BMX.

George Harrington


A self-professed perfectionist, George, our vice president of reward operations, has a perspective that every client appreciates.

“This is an intricate and challenging industry,” he says, “It’s more than points, it’s an entire experience.”

When he’s not running operations, George is still on the run. As a long distance runner, he’s currently training for a 60K. (Yes, you read that right. He is training to run 37 miles.)

Sarah Levenbaum


Sarah won't hesitate to tell you the best part of her job.

It’s not the shopping – even though as Gravy curator, Sarah’s responsible for tracking down extraordinary gifts that get hearts racing and mouths watering. And it’s not the travel – even though, as senior director of global strategies, Sarah’s devoted to understanding and embracing cultural nuances around the world. Instead, she says the best part her job is always when a client says, “We couldn’t do it without you.”

Uday Gadireddy


If you think, like we do, of Xceleration as a family- then RewardStation is Uday's "child."

Our senior director and lead architect, Uday has devoted 11 years (and counting) to making changes, developing enhancements, and adhering to requirements to achieve client goals.

When he’s not at the office (and sometimes, when he is), Uday’s a huge sports fan (NFL and cricket, in particular) and makes a mean chicken tikka masala. (Ask for the recipe!)

Susan McNeil


Think you know the accounting "type"? Think again.

As you might expect, our controller, Susan, is the consummate numbers professional, paying the bills, sending out invoices, processing deposits, and issuing statements for clients throughout the United States and around the world. But as you might not expect, Susan’s also passionate about fishing, the Florida State Seminoles, and her Mardi Gras “Krewe,” a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that raises scholarship money for adults who are going back to school. In a way, it all adds up.

Rachel Rosenbloom


"I work at Xceleration because I want to make a difference," says Rachel, our director of client solutions and Atlanta office co-GM.

Rachel oversees client relationships and program development -- running them, growing them, and enhancing them. “I’m a relationship person,” she says, which is all the more fascinating when you know, as we do, that Rachel worked in reality television before landing here!

Joann Stylianos


Meet Joann, our director of user experience. She's responsible for all things creative at Xceleration, including marketing, user experience, branding, and of course, our website.

An intrepid spirit, Joann seeks innovation at every level, including lots of travel (Amsterdam, Costa Rica, the Grand Canyon, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Redwood Forest, San Francisco, and Switzerland in the past year alone), which sparks abundant ideas for Xceleration clients.

Dara Berman

Director, Client Technology Solutions & Co-GM, Atlanta

Dara describes her role at Xceleration in four simple words, “I get things done.”

Dara’s the liaison between Xceleration developers and account managers to, well, get things done. “I want everything we deliver to clients to be as close to perfect as possible,” she says. At home, Dara’s equally passionate about parenting her two young children, and finding opportunities to relax at the beach!

Robert Rivera

Director, Growth Strategy and GRAVY Operations

The best thing about working at Xceleration? According to Robert, “We work on solutions that help appreciate people!”

A passionate problem-solver, Robert brings perspective to areas as diverse as software development, product design, process improvement and project management, but, “At the end of the day,” he says, “I help create and deliver client solutions that positively impacts people, how awesome is that!”
Robert also puts those problem-solving skills to good use outside the office – as a competitive gamer and talk show host, digital artist, and perhaps most rewarding of all, as a parent!

Laura Hildenbrandt

Director, Travel Design

A fascination for travel is in Laura's blood. Literally

“My grandfather was a wingwalker in a flying circus, a World War II pilot, and eventually, one of the most trusted aviators in the U.S. government,” Laura says. “He'd tell me about all the places he'd been, and I'd think, ‘I have got to find a way to travel for a living!’’’ Today, Laura puts her passion to work, designing one-of-a-kind travel experiences with her team. And when she’s not setting a high bar for customer service, Laura indulges her desire to fly and set the bar high in a totally unexpected way – aerial arts. That's right, the flying trapeze!