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Reward Solutions Crafted For Your Business

At Xceleration, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional reward and recognition programs for agile environments with a dedication to personalized, high-touch service. We have spent two decades adapting our products to meet the needs of the evolving business landscape, perfectly positioning us to become your recognition, incentive and loyalty partner.

Employee Engagement

Your agile workforce and cross-functional teams deserve an engagement program as versatile as they are. We design solutions and reward options uniquely suited to your employees.

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Sales Incentives

Designed to meet the needs of modern, multi-generational sales teams. Whether your salesforce is internal or external, our incentive programs will engage and challenge every member of your team.

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Customer Loyalty

Personalized customer experiences are key to building loyalty. We learn what motivates your audience to craft unique customer loyalty programs that engage, delight, and create loyal, raving fans.

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We have awarded billions of points to millions of participants in over 90 countries.

Xceleration’s software solution delivers an engaging, user-friendly experience built for the modern workforce and consumer.

Our robust and flexible platform combined with our expertise enables us to deliver culturally appropriate reward options in multiple languages to a global audience.

Long Partnerships

Xceleration has maintained lasting partnerships with clients in diverse industries including medical, financial, manufacturing, insurance, telecommunications, direct selling and more.

End-to-end Client Services

We work with you to ensure your programs are designed and implemented cleanly and provide continuous program development as your industry and your business continue to evolve.

Curated Reward Catalogs

We study your program participants to design and deliver a custom catalog tailored to your audience, offering items they will want and actually use.

Personalized Experiences

Our offerings include a diverse array of travel, shopping and once-in-a-lifetime experiences custom designed by our internal travel department.

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